Bulletin board systems, more commonly known as BBSs, all but met their decline with the rise of dial-up Internet Service Providers in 1995. Considering our roots in optimizing for slow connections and older PC hardware, it's only fitting that we offer a BBS service.

Unfortunately, our BBS is not online yet. We are currently trying to connect a serial port to a Raspberry Pi that will function as the BBS server. Access will be provided by a direct dial-in line, either via the PSTN, NPSTN, or C*NET.

Please check back here in a year or two. Our BBS may be online then.

In the meantime, dial into the NPSTN BBS on NPSTN at FAirfax7-1212.

To learn more about the BBS hobby, see the BBS page on our sister site, Retrocomputing. For a list of BBSs on the PSTN (including 500+ PSTN direct-dial in BBS listings), see our BBS Directory. Some listings may no longer be active. Please let us know about any dead listings.